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Here We Go! Hang On! Better Yet, Get Busy! 1 to 5 in 30 minutes.

In my desire to start a blog and a podcast, I have found and listened to hundreds of hours of success stories of what others have done and how they did it.  However, It has been very hard for me, outside of their podcasts, to actually find the HOW TO guides in a step by step format.  Now, some of their podcasts are truly inspiring, entertaining and incredibly informative.  The problem I have, is that when I listen to these podcasts, I am always doing something else and cannot write take down important information while I am doing that something else.  So in the days and months ahead, I am going to break it down and tell you what I am doing.  STEP BY STEP.  I will break it down task by task, to do by to do.  You will be part of this with me as this blog and the podcast are born.  Eventually, I will take all of the many blog posts and write a true how to E-BOOK all in one place without having to sort through many posts to follow steps.  But know this, until that point in time, I encourage you to join me daily and weekly 

Self Hug!

You deserve to hug yourself.


to watch the progress of a business….of my new venture….of my new passion.

Passion!  Hmmm.  Everything I have listened to over the last 18 months has encouraged me of impending success as long as my goal is to pursue my passion in my blogs and podcasts.  I would have to agree.  And thus, that is where we will start.

1.  I want you first to sit down, really.  Sit down with pen and paper and list all of your hobbies, activities, jobs and chores.  AL

L OF THEM!  2.  Think about those things that you love, love, LOVE to do.  Circle it/them.

3.  Cross off EVERYTHING else.

4.  Number the remaining items on your list from 1 to ….? 1 being most enjoyable to YOU.  Make sure you are NOT trying to please someone else in your choosing.  This must be YOUR passion and yours alone.  I mean it

.  If there is any hint or thoughts of how others are going to love you because you are writing about what THEY like, YOU WILL FAIL.  You will fail because you do not share an interest as deeply as the person you are writing for, you don’t know all that you need to know about that topic as the person you are trying to please and you WILL GET UTTERLY DISGUSTED IN TRYING TO PLEASE SOMEONE ELSE.  If you have a job, you already know how that feels.  Don’t put yourself through that anymore.  You KNOW it sucks pickled beets, already (yes, I hate beets.  In any form…I think).  So, pick the things that YOU love.  You WILL succeed if you do this ONE THING.  I promise.5.  Once you have numbered your list from 1 to ….?, CIRCLE NUMBER ONE (1).  This is your greatest passion and the one thing, for now and for much time to come, you will be sharing with others.  Good job! You now know what your passion is.


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