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Time to Time-line, Change is Good

Facebook! It’s TIME-line.

It’s timely, that today we let you know that by the end of today, you will have a new look on facebook…whether you want it or not.  Oh, no.  What now?!  Embrace it my friend.  it’s a part of your life that you don’t spend one red cent to be a part of, and yet you benefit to the extent of which you use and depend on it.  In other words, FACEBOOK ALLOWS YOU TO BE APART OF THEIR PLATFORM FOR NOTHING FROM YOU SO THEY GET TO DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THEIR SITE.

Rather than rehash all of the available information for you, I’ll simply include some links, here for you to read over on your own.  Just know, that change is a good opportunity for you to evaluate and/or re-evaluate your own blog, too.  It is an opportunity for you to take the things that my not be working for you, DISCOVER what may not be working for you and CHANGE THEM!  You’ve heard the adage: “Work smarter, not harder”.  So do just that.  Find out what is working and what is not and make changes.  Change is good when done properly.


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I find it interesting that the fb blog, itself, is outdated.  What a let down, huh?



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