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Tech In Podcasting Show brings you the TIPS to compliment your podcast and blog.

The Intro

Technology.  It’s everywhere.  It is impossible for me to imagine living without my microwave, Braun electric shaver, coffee pot or my iPhone.  My, iPhone…aaaahhh, my iPhone. What a piece of technology!  Wow!  But, I digress.

Technology-It’s everywhere and the opportunities it affords us today are only limited by our finite imaginations.  The more we are able to create and open our minds and to utilize existing technology while creating new technological opportunities for the world, the better we can be and the better our imaginations can make the world around us.

Technology is EVERYWHERE

You wouldn't be reading this without your around us.

This brings me to the purpose of my musings and this blog and companion podcast.  I want to make the internet and the world a better place by helping you, the reader of my humble words, with YOUR beginnings of your OWN piece of blog and podcast world.

Technology has been more than a passing interest to me for as long as I can remember.  It has even assisted my deviance when I was younger, by assisting police to recognize my voice when I was making prank phone calls and leaving messages on the first generation of cassette tape driven telephone answering machines that I had ever heard.  I even recruited my younger sister and three friends of mine to be my accomplices.  Growing up in a small town and being very active in the community in sports and many other public venues, made it quite reasonable for the police to forgo the cloaks and daggers in tracking me down by simple voice recognition.  No, voice recognition was well into the future, still.  I mean, the police simply had to listen to the tapes and recognize my voice.

Errr-sorry, I’m on another rabbit trail of sort.

When I listened to my first podcast, I was working as a swing shift custodian at a local high school and elementary school.  All the teachers were gone, and I found myself alone in the buildings with my cleaners, brooms and dust bunnies to be rounded up by vacuum.  Pretty low tech items.  The first podcast I listened to was, ever, was Leo Laporte’s TWiT (This Week in Tech).  I loved his show and still do.  I would encourage you to meander through the pages of  Make sure to check out while you are there, too.

I have become a podcast junkie most all of which are focused around making a business out of our podcast and helping others do the same.  This has become my passion.

In the posts that follow, you will discover, as I have discovered, step by step tasks to accomplish in order to get started, maintain and prosper in such a way that will free your time to live a more fulfilling life with the ones you love, doing the things you enjoy.  This is my mission.



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